Superior Solutions LLC

Superior Solutions LLC is a full-service call center and dispatch solution geared to medium to large size taxicab or for-hire fleets across North America.

Let Superior Solutions provide your dispatch center solution so your business can focus on getting more customers and drivers!

Now Hiring!

Superior Solutions is seeking qualified candidates for a customer service telephone representative.

You will be answering calls for customers requesting transportation. You need to be able to multitask and work efficiently. The average call time should be around one minute, and you should be able to collect the customer's information while providing excellent customer service. We pride ourselves in having employees that have a pleasant tone of voice that customers appreciate.

Required skills / traits:
Have a great telephone voice
Speak to customers in a courteous manner
Arrive to work on time
Reliable - We need to be able to depend on you to work when scheduled
Pay attention to details
Participate in meetings, company events
Excellent communication skills with supervisors and coworkers
Accurately type 60+ WPM
Motivated to advance
Polite and well mannered
Excellent speaking skills
Flexible with schedule; the schedule is posted two weeks in advance but your schedule may change from week to week
Accept criticism and feedback
Have a decent knowledge of how to utilize and compose emails
Not take customer opinions personally

We are looking to hire immediately.